What is this stupidity?

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The time now is 11.30pm.. I woke up like an hr ago to get my kids to bed. I had planned on taking a smoke and then continue my beautiful sleep. But my ex boss texted me to tell me that the male toilet in the production floor had burst. WTF? Burst mah burst la.. As if it gonna flood the whole fucking production floor. So here I am waiting for calls to see if we can turnaround the situation quickly.

Since I am waiting on several calls, I decided to write this.

Folks nowadays are a bunch of stupid arseholes. I wonder the current generation go to school for what purpose. Do they actually go to school because they just want to get a paper qualification or do they go to school because they really want to learn something that would benefit them in their later part of their lives?

The way I see it, it is the former from the experiences I have been thru in both Kiasuland and Bodohland.

There was a slight issue last Friday afternoon when my ex boss again told me that a manufacturing equipment aka module was thought to have condensation as the air cond had fucked up over the nite before. Being a module engineer myself once, I called up the module owner to enquire after the situation. I had knowledge of the equipment because I handled the same equipment before.

This module owner is actually a Gen-Y breed (yeah I am categorizing soon I will be marginalizing) and she has been on the job for the past 1 year or so, according to Tofu. She is Tofu’s colleague actually and Tofu used to handle the same equipment before.

So I called the lady up and asked her a bunch of questions. The lady just got on my nerves man. I nearly wanted to raise my voice and fuck her upside down but then since I am no longer what I am, I had to draw a line la…

I asked the lady how many numbers of modules are thought to be having condensation and she answered all!

WTF ?!?! All means how many??

I posed the question again and she answered 4 modules. And I asked how she knew that there was condensation and she said that the incoming PCW pipes to the module were sweating. I was like WTF?? PCW pipes do sweat most of the times. That doesn’t mean that there is condensation..

So I asked if there was condensation inside the module and she said no. But she later quipped that there were 7 units that had water stains. I was like WTF again!!

She claimed that the water stain was a result of the condensation inside the module. So I asked if there was condensation in the handler (which is part of the module) and she said that the handler doesn’t have PCW running thru it. WTF??

I was pissed already.. I told her that I know there is no PCW running thru the handler but I want to know if there is condensation signature inside the module. I told her that her explanation doesn’t make up because she first claimed that there was no condensation inside the module but on the other hand she was claiming that 7 units are having water stain. So if there was no condensation inside the module, then how the fuck did the 7 units get stained? (I think that we need to ask Anwar)..

Later she told me that the technician had claimed that one of the modules had no aircond. I asked how she knew that. She said there was no air coming out from the air cond diffuser which was perched directly on top of that module. WTF man?!?!

So I asked where that module is situated as you come in from the entrance. She said left most. I tried to clarify if the module situated on the left most was near the wall and she asked me wat wall. Then she tried explaining where the affected module was sitting but she ended up still telling me on the left. I told her that there were many lefts depending on how she sees it. So which left was she referring to? I continued by asking if that module was near to another area (let’s say we call that area ABC).

Her response shook me man. She asked me where was ABC.. wah liao eh.. I nearly fainted man.. (ABC is actually just directly behind the modules but on the right hand side). How is it possible for a person who already worked for nearly 1 year and not know the areas of production? Come on la.. Don’t be so dead la..

Anyways, I did not pursue the location of the module anymore. I know that the module is capable of processing more than 400 units at 1 go. So I asked the lady if there were more than 7 units that had water stain? She said only 7. This is where I got to be kwai lan (mischievous).

I asked her how many units did that module process during the affected timeframe and she said 6000 over. I continued to ask her to figure out if it was logic to only hv 7 units with water stain when it processed more than 6000 over units. I told her that 1 lot does not make up of 7 units only. Unless she was telling me that during the incident she only ran 7 units. Again, I told her that was impossible because the module has more than 7 slots and 1 slot has more than 10 over unit placements. So how did she come to deduce that it was condensation? Obviously she was dumb struck la..

I finished off my conversation with her by telling her that tho the area was thought to be warm, but the temperature and dew point trending were within spec limit.

She ended the conversation by saying, “Thank You you”.

At that point I nearly fell off my chair. WTF thank you you?!?! Who the fuck taught her English man?!?!

P/S: I am gonna charge a bomb to my customer. My guys have turnaround the pipe burst issue in the male toilet.. 50% mark up maybe!

Intel and its URM

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I seriously do not know how to start this post. Something happened that I was kinda shocked and now pretty embarrassed to continue blogging. I do not know if I shud continue blogging the Juanito style or blog who I truly am. Anyways, screw it since I am getting paid for my blogs.

Before I left Kiasuland (aka Stinkapore), I wrote this piece

And in it I mentioned that I would follow up with an article titled ‘Intel and its URM

I think it is time I did just that.

Intel used to hire cream of the crops from colleges and universities across Bodohland. That was back in the 90s. I remember during my poly days (while I was pursuing for my diploma), it was so darn bloody hard to obtain a scholarship from Intel. We had to go thru interviews as if Intel was the only company giving out scholarships back then.

It was a milestone for us and also for the poly I studied in. It was due to our efforts that we manage to open the eyes of Intel that students from polytechnics can be among the cream of the crop as well. Back then Intel only gave out scholarships to a handful of universities, namely UTM, USM and UM. Polytechnics were out of the question.

We went thru a lot especially with my dad giving us a big hand in making sure that Intel would notice us. Intel did notice us finally. Ungku Omar Polytechnic was the 1st polytechnic that Intel had given out scholarships to diploma students. It became a precedent after that.

Our class had 8 Chinese (including myself) and 1 Indian. Out of 9 of us, 8 of us applied for the Intel scholarship. The only guy who didn’t apply for it was a Chinese from DU. His father was filthy rich hence he didn’t need the scholarship because there was a bond that went along with it. 7 of the 8 who applied passed the 1st interview and they were awarded the scholarship. The only 1, that was me had to undergo 2 interviews. I still remember who interviewed me the second time. Cant reveal her name but she is still working in Intel until today.

Basically all of us graduated with flying colors. At the end of our diploma, we had a CGPA of 3.5 and above. The only guy who didn’t get above 3.5 was the guy from DU. I finished my final semester being 2nd in the class. I had to if not my CGPA would have been shitty. Considering that all of us were a lot of non studious type, managing a meager 3.5 above was more than satisfactory.

That was life back then and that was how tough it was to get an Intel scholarship which guaranteed a job in Intel back then. I was among the tail-ends that made up the cream of the crop.

Unfortunately, Intel nowadays is like In-n-Out fast food chain! Several years later after I got back to Intel in 2000, Intel created a position. The position was called Diversity Manager. When we heard it the first time (back then I already knew Tofu), we were like, “WTF?? WT hell a Die-ass-ity Manager is supposed to do?”

Well, it didn’t take long enough for us to realize what the main responsibility of the Die-ass-ity Manager was. The Die-ass-ity Manager’s role was to hire Non Chinese (in short). WTF?? How is it that a fucking American based company in Bodohland ended up with such a fucking stupid idea to hire non Chinese?

So this smart alec came out with the most brilliant idea and called it URM – UnRepresented Minorities. Holy fuck!!

Let me say this ok. In the private sector world, everything is based on competition and performance. If you cant perform, if you cant compete, then get the fuck out of the company and go back to the jungle you came from. It is just as simple as that. This is not a civil service line!!

I just do not understand how is it that the Chinese (tho they make up 70% of the work force due to their diligence and hardwork) become a majority representation while the Malays become minorities? As if the Chinese and Indians (who are minorities) are not marginalized enough in this fuck up country and now fucking UMNO/BN directs all MNC to be diverse? Fuck you!!

If you cant compete on a level playing field, then don’t blame anyone but yourself. Blame NEP, blame UMNO, blame BN but just don’t blame the Chinese for being hardworking and diligent. OK???

What made it worse was even the annual performance appraisal had to be diverse as well!! WTBF?? Performance appraisal is meant to gauge performance and not because if you are a Chinese, Malay or Indian. If performance appraisal had take diversity into question, then it would be ethnic appraisal rather than performance appraisal. Does the Intel management know this?

Has Intel actually seen the turnover of the URM (as I called it UnRepresented Morons)? These mutha farkers who get a free pass to Intel cant cope with the Intel workload and pressure, hence they prematurely resign. They resign before you can even say GO.. Just look at the numbers then tell us if diversity has actually been successful or not? I reckon not seriously.

My deep throat tells me that Intel in Bodohland has to be 50% diverse come 2009/2010. Fuck it la! Intel can close shop and go back to where it came from.

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How to kick start the economy

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I better be writing this before somebody steals my thunder..

This is my 1st article from Bodohland. I have been back for 4 days now and it has been tiring one for me.. Kiddo’s sick with mild HFM (not FHM la but HFM – Hand Food Mouth disease).

In my former post last week while I was still in Kiasuland aka Singapore, I wrote this (read here). I had in fact wanted to follow up with another piece soon after that but I put that thought on hold. Anyways here I am with what I had in mind all this while.

I am not sure who will be the hero of the world when he or she actually puts this idea into practice. What I am going to write subsequently is purely hypothetical yet I find it feasible to implement. Just that it needs the cooperation of everyone. When I say everyone, it means every single human being including NGOs, WTO, world governing bodies and what not.

The title of today’s post is another piece of economic fundamentals – How to recover from the current recession.

Today as we know, the world is in debt. US debt alone stands at USD10.8 trillion (as of last week). World debt on the other hand is definitely more than USD10.8 trillion. Every government is trying to revive their economy from the ultimate collapse by physically pumping financial liquidity into the market. That wont really help. Read on to know why I say so.

World population is 6.6Billion. If everyone can spend USD1 a day, that would flood the market by 6.6Billion US dollars in CASH. Yes, CASH amounting to USD6.6 Billion a day, just by spending USD1 a day on an average (I say it again).

Certain countries (like most African nations) which are in serious poverty cannot afford to spend more than USD1 as they can afford to spend just that USD1 a day.

Richer countries on the other hand can definitely spend more than 1 US dollar a day. Folks in Singapore can spend upto SGD300 on a Crumpler bag for no fuck reason. If 1 can spend SGD300 on a stupid bag why not use the SGD300 for good use instead? Ok that was a pretty lame example but I bet you get my drift.

On a realistic horizon, if the average spending a day could be USD10Billion, that would a week’s spending would be USD70Billion and a 4-week month would bring that amount to USD280Billion. We are talking about cash payment since no bloody one guy in his right frame of mind would be going on credit any longer. (and seriously credit aint gonna help the world economy at this present moment)

But then 1 would say that USD1 aint gonna buy me nuts coz the US dollar has devalued and on the other hand commodities or daily groceries have gone up in price by bountiful times. This is true for rice (Read here)

Let me define recession again. Recession – shortfall of sales and purchases as a result of higher price in commodities/groceries and lacking the purchasing power (which can also translate to currency devaluation).

1 family who used to be spending USD 10 on 10 various grocer items can now only afford to buy perhaps 3-4 items with that same amount of money.

When such scenario kicks in, a family will start to tighten their belts. For instance, I could be consuming a packet of sugar (USD1 per pack of 500 gms sugar) for 1 month but since that similar pack of sugar now costs USD2, I would consume less sugar hence my sugar consumption will last me 2 months or more. From the economic point of view, I am now consuming 500 gms of sugar in every 2 months instead of 1kg of sugar in the same timeframe. (Or 250gms of sugar per month as opposed to 500 gms per month). Sugar producers will find it hard because now they are now producing less as a result of lower consumption by consumers. This applies for most of the major or key commodities or groceries. Imagine the chain effect in the long run. So how to beat this?

Instead of government pumping billions for no bloody use reasons (like bailing out AIG and whatever not), why not use this billions to subsidize commodities or groceries so that the normal (or at least somewhat normal) consumer trade can resume. Meaning to say, if 1 pack of sugar now costs USD2 (as opposed to when it was only USD1), why don’t the government subsidize a certain percentage of the cost. Read on and you will know why in the long run it will benefit everyone and how it ultimately kicks start the economy again.

As I said, the world is in serious debt. The world economy now gravely needs CASH, tonnes of CASH. And cash can only come from consumers, from all walks of life regardless if you a Red Indian, Chinese, Malay or European.

And that 1 way of generating cash is thru consumer spending. If every government instead of pumping billions into nowhere but instead subsidizes key consumer products, this would make it feasible for the consumers’ trade to take place again.

If 1 pack of sugar could be subsidize upto 50 US cents making it now USD1.50, without a shadow of a doubt that more people could afford to buy them. Similarly if rice could be subsidized to a certain amount, more Asians could afford to buy more rice to eat rather than rationing them like it was the Japanese occupation.

Again, if raw produces like fish, meat or vegetables could be subsidized, more people would be able to buy them and eat them. Hey, after all everyone needs to eat. Eating a bit or eating a lot is still eating. At grave situations, one could live with water alone. Is that the world we want to live in at the end of the day?

Now, let’s look at the bigger picture. If there is more demand (thru all these subsidies) it is for sure that production will increase. If production increases for supply to meet its demand, cost of production will be reduced with greater scale. This in turn will reduce the price of the produce. When the price of the produce is reduced, more people can then afford to buy them. At this moment, the government can choose to either continue with the subsidy or lift the subsidy. Lifting the subsidy will not harm the pockets of the consumers because the price of the goods had already in effect dropped.

So, with higher production a packet of sugar now might only cost USD1.10 with government subsidy. The respective government can choose to reduce the subsidy by 30 US cents (assuming that it was 50 US cents before). That same pack of sugar will now cost USD1.30 instead.

The positive side of it does not just stop there. With higher demand of goods and with higher production it will in turn generate employment.

At times, economists need to think of the basic fundamentals of economics which is built around supply and demand. Economics aint rocket science for one. The waste of billions of investment to develop a pen that could write in the moon (gravity-less pen) is an explicit example of US’ stupidity when Russians were using pencils instead.

Perak new MB, Zambry gives PhD cock talk

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Someone pls tell me if it is democratic to overthrow a government and install itself as the new government.. Is that PHILOSOPHY OF DEMOCRACY? Haha!!

Am pissed because of what this idiot Zambry said..Stupid asshole trying to give the political bull cock talk… read the excerpts below (or full article here)

Philosophy of democracy?? Wtf is he talking?? Where the fark he got his PhD? Suck my balls la blardy mamak nasi kandar face!

Why the hell talk like blardy ah neh neh Mr Tony Fernandez?? Giving us the crap load such as terminal rakyat and wat not??

Blardy hell him.. Just he thinks he is MB he can question and talk as if he owned Perak..

Like Aisehman said, itu bukan falsafah demokrasi tapi fal-SAMPAH!! (rubbish philosophy)


New Perak Menteri Besar defends BN takeover

IPOH — Perak’s new Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir began his first day in office defending the legitimacy of his government, arguing that a majority in Perak backed the Barisan Nasional as the opposition sought to challenge his appointment.

Mr Zambry was sworn-in last Friday by Sultan Azlan Shah while riot police outside quelled a protest by thousands of people, most of whom supported the Pakatan Rakyat.

When asked by reporters if he thought he has the support of a majority of the public in Perak, he replied: “That is why we are here.”

But he appeared to be feeling the strain of defending what has been an obviously unpopular and possibly unconstitutional takeover of the state.

When it was pointed out that he did not gain his position as Menteri Besar via an election, he grew visibly defensive and snapped back: “What do you mean? This is a democratic process.

“Do you understand democracy? I am asking you, do you understand the political philosophy of democracy?

“I am asking you back. Why are you not asking them (Pakatan Rakyat) back when they are talking about the party hopping?

“When they triggered everything right from the very beginning. You should askyourself about that.”

When it was clarified that the question was not about defections but whether he feels he has the support of the majority of Perakians, he finally replied: “God willing, when you prove to the people your worth.”

The Day Perak Fell

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I am mourning today.. I am in deep state of sadness… My once surrogated homestate (Perak) has been sieged by the BASTARDOS of BN.
Anyways looking at the other side of the picture I have this to say
– Najib and co are busy with the plans to takeover perak and other opposition states..
– Rumor (as they say) has it that a certain amount of money was paid for the ruckus to all altogether take place..
– My take is simple. Where is Najib’s mentality and intellect? So are the rest of his gang? Are they using their brains to think or something else?
– Why bothered about takeovers when Msia economy is in the doldrums.. Does Najib really think he can weather thru the recession when it hits rock bottom?
– People in this case say, the word suffer or die is beyond comprehension.
– So what if Najib is successful in taking back all the 5 states. Hell, I can even give you Singapore for free.. At this moment he is just digging his grave deeper.. If he didnt know this yet, then let me say it out now..
– Come next GE with his despicable actions, voters are going to vote BN out for good.
– In the next 4 years or so as PM (as he hopes to be), if he doesnt bring back the glory or even help mitigate the pain that the Rakyat is in, rest assured Najib is history.
– Frankly speaking, rather than spending billions (I heard 2 Billions in fact again as they say) I rather spend my time reading up worthy articles of how to save this country from devastation..
Najib and Co, your time is ticking just in case you guys didnt know..
Seriously speaking with all due respect, I have downgraded my respect 1 notch for the highest order of the law maker in that state. Sadly to say.

Perak in Turmoil..Everyone mourns

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Say No to Labu Airport. Say No to Air Asia! Dont Fly Air Asia!

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Let us all bloggers unite and show our protest to Air Asia..
Paste this pics on your blog as a form of protest