Intel and its URM

I seriously do not know how to start this post. Something happened that I was kinda shocked and now pretty embarrassed to continue blogging. I do not know if I shud continue blogging the Juanito style or blog who I truly am. Anyways, screw it since I am getting paid for my blogs.

Before I left Kiasuland (aka Stinkapore), I wrote this piece

And in it I mentioned that I would follow up with an article titled ‘Intel and its URM

I think it is time I did just that.

Intel used to hire cream of the crops from colleges and universities across Bodohland. That was back in the 90s. I remember during my poly days (while I was pursuing for my diploma), it was so darn bloody hard to obtain a scholarship from Intel. We had to go thru interviews as if Intel was the only company giving out scholarships back then.

It was a milestone for us and also for the poly I studied in. It was due to our efforts that we manage to open the eyes of Intel that students from polytechnics can be among the cream of the crop as well. Back then Intel only gave out scholarships to a handful of universities, namely UTM, USM and UM. Polytechnics were out of the question.

We went thru a lot especially with my dad giving us a big hand in making sure that Intel would notice us. Intel did notice us finally. Ungku Omar Polytechnic was the 1st polytechnic that Intel had given out scholarships to diploma students. It became a precedent after that.

Our class had 8 Chinese (including myself) and 1 Indian. Out of 9 of us, 8 of us applied for the Intel scholarship. The only guy who didn’t apply for it was a Chinese from DU. His father was filthy rich hence he didn’t need the scholarship because there was a bond that went along with it. 7 of the 8 who applied passed the 1st interview and they were awarded the scholarship. The only 1, that was me had to undergo 2 interviews. I still remember who interviewed me the second time. Cant reveal her name but she is still working in Intel until today.

Basically all of us graduated with flying colors. At the end of our diploma, we had a CGPA of 3.5 and above. The only guy who didn’t get above 3.5 was the guy from DU. I finished my final semester being 2nd in the class. I had to if not my CGPA would have been shitty. Considering that all of us were a lot of non studious type, managing a meager 3.5 above was more than satisfactory.

That was life back then and that was how tough it was to get an Intel scholarship which guaranteed a job in Intel back then. I was among the tail-ends that made up the cream of the crop.

Unfortunately, Intel nowadays is like In-n-Out fast food chain! Several years later after I got back to Intel in 2000, Intel created a position. The position was called Diversity Manager. When we heard it the first time (back then I already knew Tofu), we were like, “WTF?? WT hell a Die-ass-ity Manager is supposed to do?”

Well, it didn’t take long enough for us to realize what the main responsibility of the Die-ass-ity Manager was. The Die-ass-ity Manager’s role was to hire Non Chinese (in short). WTF?? How is it that a fucking American based company in Bodohland ended up with such a fucking stupid idea to hire non Chinese?

So this smart alec came out with the most brilliant idea and called it URM – UnRepresented Minorities. Holy fuck!!

Let me say this ok. In the private sector world, everything is based on competition and performance. If you cant perform, if you cant compete, then get the fuck out of the company and go back to the jungle you came from. It is just as simple as that. This is not a civil service line!!

I just do not understand how is it that the Chinese (tho they make up 70% of the work force due to their diligence and hardwork) become a majority representation while the Malays become minorities? As if the Chinese and Indians (who are minorities) are not marginalized enough in this fuck up country and now fucking UMNO/BN directs all MNC to be diverse? Fuck you!!

If you cant compete on a level playing field, then don’t blame anyone but yourself. Blame NEP, blame UMNO, blame BN but just don’t blame the Chinese for being hardworking and diligent. OK???

What made it worse was even the annual performance appraisal had to be diverse as well!! WTBF?? Performance appraisal is meant to gauge performance and not because if you are a Chinese, Malay or Indian. If performance appraisal had take diversity into question, then it would be ethnic appraisal rather than performance appraisal. Does the Intel management know this?

Has Intel actually seen the turnover of the URM (as I called it UnRepresented Morons)? These mutha farkers who get a free pass to Intel cant cope with the Intel workload and pressure, hence they prematurely resign. They resign before you can even say GO.. Just look at the numbers then tell us if diversity has actually been successful or not? I reckon not seriously.

My deep throat tells me that Intel in Bodohland has to be 50% diverse come 2009/2010. Fuck it la! Intel can close shop and go back to where it came from.

~ by juanito32 on June 12, 2009.

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