What is this stupidity?

The time now is 11.30pm.. I woke up like an hr ago to get my kids to bed. I had planned on taking a smoke and then continue my beautiful sleep. But my ex boss texted me to tell me that the male toilet in the production floor had burst. WTF? Burst mah burst la.. As if it gonna flood the whole fucking production floor. So here I am waiting for calls to see if we can turnaround the situation quickly.

Since I am waiting on several calls, I decided to write this.

Folks nowadays are a bunch of stupid arseholes. I wonder the current generation go to school for what purpose. Do they actually go to school because they just want to get a paper qualification or do they go to school because they really want to learn something that would benefit them in their later part of their lives?

The way I see it, it is the former from the experiences I have been thru in both Kiasuland and Bodohland.

There was a slight issue last Friday afternoon when my ex boss again told me that a manufacturing equipment aka module was thought to have condensation as the air cond had fucked up over the nite before. Being a module engineer myself once, I called up the module owner to enquire after the situation. I had knowledge of the equipment because I handled the same equipment before.

This module owner is actually a Gen-Y breed (yeah I am categorizing soon I will be marginalizing) and she has been on the job for the past 1 year or so, according to Tofu. She is Tofu’s colleague actually and Tofu used to handle the same equipment before.

So I called the lady up and asked her a bunch of questions. The lady just got on my nerves man. I nearly wanted to raise my voice and fuck her upside down but then since I am no longer what I am, I had to draw a line la…

I asked the lady how many numbers of modules are thought to be having condensation and she answered all!

WTF ?!?! All means how many??

I posed the question again and she answered 4 modules. And I asked how she knew that there was condensation and she said that the incoming PCW pipes to the module were sweating. I was like WTF?? PCW pipes do sweat most of the times. That doesn’t mean that there is condensation..

So I asked if there was condensation inside the module and she said no. But she later quipped that there were 7 units that had water stains. I was like WTF again!!

She claimed that the water stain was a result of the condensation inside the module. So I asked if there was condensation in the handler (which is part of the module) and she said that the handler doesn’t have PCW running thru it. WTF??

I was pissed already.. I told her that I know there is no PCW running thru the handler but I want to know if there is condensation signature inside the module. I told her that her explanation doesn’t make up because she first claimed that there was no condensation inside the module but on the other hand she was claiming that 7 units are having water stain. So if there was no condensation inside the module, then how the fuck did the 7 units get stained? (I think that we need to ask Anwar)..

Later she told me that the technician had claimed that one of the modules had no aircond. I asked how she knew that. She said there was no air coming out from the air cond diffuser which was perched directly on top of that module. WTF man?!?!

So I asked where that module is situated as you come in from the entrance. She said left most. I tried to clarify if the module situated on the left most was near the wall and she asked me wat wall. Then she tried explaining where the affected module was sitting but she ended up still telling me on the left. I told her that there were many lefts depending on how she sees it. So which left was she referring to? I continued by asking if that module was near to another area (let’s say we call that area ABC).

Her response shook me man. She asked me where was ABC.. wah liao eh.. I nearly fainted man.. (ABC is actually just directly behind the modules but on the right hand side). How is it possible for a person who already worked for nearly 1 year and not know the areas of production? Come on la.. Don’t be so dead la..

Anyways, I did not pursue the location of the module anymore. I know that the module is capable of processing more than 400 units at 1 go. So I asked the lady if there were more than 7 units that had water stain? She said only 7. This is where I got to be kwai lan (mischievous).

I asked her how many units did that module process during the affected timeframe and she said 6000 over. I continued to ask her to figure out if it was logic to only hv 7 units with water stain when it processed more than 6000 over units. I told her that 1 lot does not make up of 7 units only. Unless she was telling me that during the incident she only ran 7 units. Again, I told her that was impossible because the module has more than 7 slots and 1 slot has more than 10 over unit placements. So how did she come to deduce that it was condensation? Obviously she was dumb struck la..

I finished off my conversation with her by telling her that tho the area was thought to be warm, but the temperature and dew point trending were within spec limit.

She ended the conversation by saying, “Thank You you”.

At that point I nearly fell off my chair. WTF thank you you?!?! Who the fuck taught her English man?!?!

P/S: I am gonna charge a bomb to my customer. My guys have turnaround the pipe burst issue in the male toilet.. 50% mark up maybe!

~ by juanito32 on June 22, 2009.

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