Stupid people, stupid rule, stupid thots – Malaysia’s Truly Asia

In the past 7 days alone, there have been 4 disturbing news in Bodohland. You can call it 4 incidences, 4 events or even 4 articles, whichever that can please you. Out of the 4, 1 is a smokescreen. (That is my personal thought). I believed that piece of news is basically to take away the heat from all the hype that is surrounding the other 3. Again, that is my personal opinion.. Out of the 3, 1 is blown out of proportion.. Take a guess which one.

The 4 (in no particular order) are

  • The Kuala Terengganu By Election which is taking place this Jan 17th
  • Air Asia’s plan to build an Airport at Labu (which is just 6 km away from KLIA)
  • Israel’s attack of Palestine and
  • The latest regulation that all dog owner’s have to get their neighbour’s permission if they wished to rear dogs (truly wat the fuck?)

So, seriously, which do you think is a smokescreen? I personally opt for No.4. And which was blown out of proportion by the Bodohland politicians? Obviously the Israel’s attack of Palestine.

I am not going to comment or write much about the Kuala Terengganu By Election. I only have two things to say.

No.1 – It is a 3-cornered fight between Be-End (the govt ruling coalition), PAS (the Opposition) and an Independent (who is bound to lose his deposit). Anything less than a win for PAS is truly unacceptable because everybody will know that Be-End cheated. GIVE YOUR FULL SUPPORT TO PAS!!!! VOTE THE FUCK OUT OF BN!!!

No.2 – This seat is left vacant as the former MP died-ed. Since Anwar needs 30 or so BN MPs to jump ship to Pakatan to form a new govt, I was telling Tofu what if in the next couple of yrs, any random 30 MPs died (hence a By Election) would be called and Opposition won it all. Wouldn’t that give Anwar what he needs to form a new government then? See I am so creative and smart!

With respect to Air Asia’s plan to build an airport in Labu, Negeri Sembilan (read my former piece here and here) I totally disagree with that thought. Mr Tony Fuck-nandes has changed his version of story several times now (each time being questioned and rebuked).

He said the following

  • The terminal is just a terminal not an airport.

Rakyat: If it was a terminal why not use the current LCCT or expand it

  • Air Asia will have 55 Million passengers hence the LCCT is too small.

Rakyat’s rebuke: Then build another runway at KLIA since KLIA was blue-printed for that

  • It is not cost effective since Air Asia has to pay rent to MAHB

Rakyat: Is it cost effective to build a whole new terminal then? Who is going to build roads to transport or ferry the passengers upon arrival to KLIA to get CIQ clearance? Who is going to finance the CIQ then? Who is going to finance the salaries of the Immigration officers and what not?

  • Air Asia needs the Labu Airport because it has 100 over planes by 2013 and there is no place to park them?

Rakyat: So now from a terminal it becomes an airport. And why do you need an airport JUST to PARK your airplanes?

  • Air Asia will finance everything from security guards to CIQ to transport. It will not be using the rakyat’s money.

And the list goes on.. This Tony Fuck-nandes sure hell is giving us the Indian runaround.. One day say one thing, worse still different thing.. Say NO to Labu Airport..

Hey Ah Neh Neh, you could be educated in Engrand for all I care. When it comes to Economics, you fail big time. What nonsense are you talking that by building an airport hence Air Asia will be cost effective (as you mentioned here)? Do you first understand economies of scale? Hell sure you dont from the way you are talking.. Show us the numbers and we will tell you how to do the math. But then no point also because you will be fudging the numbers to make it look good.

Read here (must read) why it doesn’t make a sense to build an airport or even a terminal which is just 6km off from KLIA.

On News No.3 btw, I wrote this 2-piece (here and here) earlier this month. With all the ruckus going on, I cant help but to comment further.. One smart alec proposed that we should boycott all US made goods! This smart ass, Dr.M also asked those who are working in US-owned companies to resign in mass. WTF?? If that is the case (as I posted a quote 2 days ago) why don’t Dr. M and KJ and others who are interested go and stand in front of Intel or Dell or even HP and shout for their mass resignation?

And recently Dr.M posted 2 articles in his blog which really made a joke out of himself. He mentioned the following:

  • Yes the suicide bombers are terrorists. But they have no other choice. They don’t have bomber and fighter planes, tanks, guns, rockets and chemical weapons to fight their enemies.
  • The Israelis are terrorists by choice. They have been trained to kill using powerful weapons. We see them killing on television and in pictures in newspapers.

Dr.M claimed in his blog that the real terrorist aint terrorist because Israel has better fire weapons hence making them the real terrorist. WTF?? All those Al-Qaeda terrorist links and networks have access to weapons that Dr.M can never imagine.. Is Dr.M lack the intellectual knowledge or wat?

Just a sharing here. Osama Bin Laden was entrusted by the Saudi govt back in mid-60s to protect Saudi as a result of the tense relationship with Egypt over Yemen. Saudi was shitting bricks that Egypt would bomb the fuck out of Saudi. What Saudi did was to purchase weapons (obviously from US and other countries) and equipped Osama and his trusted lieutenants to protect the Saudi Kingdom. And that was also how the Military Protection-for-Oil between US-Saudi was inked. Osama was livid obviously. Refer to Wikipedia for more info.

Maybe Dr.M doesn’t know why the real terrorist choose to suicide bomb is because one smart donkey said by doing so, they will be rewarded with all the pretty angels in heaven. Wat a stupid thing to say! When I showed this to Tofu, I said this wasn’t the symptom of senility but rather the stupidity of Dr.M. Poor thing!

And finally, Bodohland is implementing a new regulation – NRD aka Nilai Registration for Dogs. WTF?? As if we don’t know already register our dogs for license but now we have to get permission from our neighbours!?!?!? Why limit to dogs and not chicken or cats? These smart assholes who made the regulation claimed that dogs were defecating wherever they like and there was no control. Fuck you la.. As if cats don’t defecate wherever they like!

Read what Syed Akbar had to say (here). It was one hell of a piece and a sarcastic one too!

“….If you live in a terrace house, if your two neighbours (left and right side) agree do you still need to get the neighbour from across the street? What about the houses beyond your immediate neighbours? How many neighbours must give their permission? What if you pay money to your neighbours to agree? Is that an offence? Will that be considered a bribe? Paying a bribe to your neighbour to own a pet….”

~ by juanito32 on January 16, 2009.

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