Muslims Can Work in IRs. WTF??

WTF?? (Wat a way to start).. Anyways, wat the fuck?!? In the Straits Times (not the Malaysia News Straits Times but the Singapore one. Hell sure la Singapore got Straits Times la.. Bloody hell..) Where was I btw?

Oh!. In the Singapore Straits Times today (Not the Today daily but literally today – hari ini – kam yat – ching tien), there was an article that went this way “Muslims Can Work in IRs”.

Let me digress a bit.. Since many Msians of today are literally mangkuks (or are frogs in the well), IRs does not mean Improvement Needed, a jargon usually used by the infamous Intel focal system. IR does not also mean Infra-Red.. When you say IR in Kiasuland, it means Integrated Resort. And the 2 IRs or Integrated Resorts in Stinkapore are the Marina Sands in Marina Bay and Resorts Sentosa at Sentosa (which belongs to none other than Resorts World aka Genting).

So back to the topic at hand. A minister claimed that Muslims can work in IRs. WTH! Since when Singapore Muslims were more fanatical than Malaysian Muslims? Are the Singapore Muslims so fanatical that they see it as HARAM (FORBIDDEN) to work in IRs? After all, how fanatic can they be? Malaysia banned Yoga for the Muslims afterall while Singapore didnt.

Do you know how many Malaysian Muslims work in Genting ah?? Thousands if not hundred!!! Policeman – Muslim! Janitor – Muslim! Theme Park Operator – Muslim! Frontdesk – Muslim! Housekeeping also Muslim! Carpark attendant also Muslim! Petrol Kiosk Owner also Muslim.. Where to find Non-Muslims?? Canteen operator – Muslim! Money changer – Muslim. Bank officers – Muslim (yeah they have several banks in Genting btw)…Only non Muslims can find are the gamblers losing their lives away!!

And btw, Genting is pronounced as Ghen-ting and Jen-ting, for the benefit of my Singaporean readers. Who the fuck came out with the idea to pronounce it is Jen-ting anyways?? Stupid farker!

Seems like somebody is trying to be more Islamic than Malaysia.. Sure hell cannot la.. Malaysia is the most Islamic state and UMNO boast of the largest Muslim party in this whole wide world.. How can Singapore now be more Islamic that we already are? Lose face man!!

~ by juanito32 on January 15, 2009.

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